Thursday, January 2, 2020

TX7MB 6M/2M/70CM EME November, 2020

Date/Time: November 5 - 15, 2020
Call: TX7MB
QTH: CI00LD, Ta'aoa, Hiva Oa, Marquesas
Frequencies: 50.190 MHz JT65a, 144.138 MHz and 432.090 MHz JT65b TX7MB always first
Gear 6M: See W7GJ's web page 
Gear 2Meters: 1x or 2x Yagis, 800watts WD5AGO preamp, IC9700 w/GPSDO
Gear 70CM: 1x 9wl Yagi, 500watt SSPA, WD5AGO preamp, IC9700 w/GPSDO
Note: I hope to have Internet, and will come up on the appropriate chat ie PingJockey (2M) or HB9Q Logger (70cm).

A long, long way from Montana!
 It is early yet, but W7GJ and I are planning a 6M to 70cm EME trip to the Marquesas Island, French Polynesia this coming November. Great News: We have received the equipment importation permits and operating licenses.

Donations are imperative to make this possible. The airfare, and particularly the baggage costs are going to be expensive. PayPal through my usual email address works fine. geneshea at
Generous Contributors: DF2ZC ZS4TX IK1UWL W9IP HB9Q DK3WG PA2V VE7ZD/KN7Q

More information here as things shape up. See also W7GJ's excellent web site for the 6M side of the operation.
Gene, KB7Q